Fotogalleriet Format -MemoryPalace, 2013

Installation view. Malmö, SE





”Using the archive as backdrop and structure (a soundbox), the self, the language and memory is examined in the work ’MemoryPalace’.


Our memories slide and the sorting of information creates a oscillating movement between past and present. A constant rewriting and overwriting, using material derived from itself.


The photographic picture seems to be a membrane which separates our perception into different spaces. A screen that attracts us like the light source attracts the moth.


We can never step outside of our own language. It might change but at the same time it is impossible to cross its flexing boundary. Just like the shadow, or a sphere, that moves according to our movements. Limited, as the gaze, by the horizon or darkness.”



Excerpt from ”Exploded view” -Peo Olsson