Immigration Office -Umbra Hominis, 2014

Sany & Peo Olsson featuring Giacomo Porfiri.


’A parable is the shadow of truth, where truth itself is a parable’



Despite the fact that Peo and Samuel are close friends since adolescence and have collaborated in a vast number of projects, commissioned and free, ’Umbra Hominis’ is their first manifestation as team, in the shape of this exhibition and the book with the same title.
The book includes introduction texts by dr. Arno Boehler and Mattias Winslow, designed by Jonas Williamsson and published by Null & Void in Malmö.


Sany (alias Samuel Nyholm) is a an illustrator, artist and poet, from Lund, but based in Stockholm. Since two years the village fool of Bremen, which is nowadays called illustration’s professor.
Giacomo Porfiri is a performance artist and musician from Genova, now based in the whole world, most of all in Berlin. Giacomo’s contribution to the exhibition is a talking monkey dragon.


Immigration Office, Bremen, DE


Documentation: © Lucas Odahara